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Refund Policy

When you use this site, for any sort of information, it does not, by design, establish
advisor-client or consultant-client association between M Global and you, who is the
user/reader/guest. As such an association may occur ONLY in a situation wherein an
advisory/consulting charge is given to M Global. However, if a visit made results in
advisor-client relation between two parties the client concurs with following as a part
of the policy of refund involving consulting.

An advisor-client association is and will continue to be subject to a completely new
contract of engagement (COE) decided and inked between both the parties, namely,
M GLOBAL: client. The terms and conditions and refund policy of this type of an
agreed and inked contract of engagement/agreement, for using the services of the
immigration/investment consultancy in its capacity as an advisor, if fully autonomous
of the terms and conditions of the usage of the given site.
Since the pact of engagement could not/cannot be the same and may vary from one
client to the another, it remains the job of the guest/ reader/user to present a formal
request before M Global for a draft copy of what is called the COE that carries an
annexure of the refund policy which will be relevant in this situation, evaluate the COE
and refund policy and only then settle the fee in favour of M Global, favour.
The client will offer every needed information and papers, such as English Translations
in an agreed form and as sought by M Global and the involved
Visa/Immigration/Attorney/Govt./Law/Legal Office. It has been fully agreed upon by
the said immigration/advisory/consultancy on the ground of the facts and papers
presented by the client. In case, the furnished details are discovered to be inaccurate
or fake or deficient or incorrect and so not entertained or approved by the concerned
immigration/legal/govt./attorney bodies. M Global takes no responsibility whatsoever,
for the not positive impact of the same on the result of the application/petition/request
and the ensuing rejection on this basis, even as no refund shall be claimed either of
the consulting charge or the amount paid to the government
authorities/courts/offices/departments, under such situations.
The mandate of M Global is restricted to help the client on the instructions and the
matters involving the suggestions/ submission/processing of the petition for
immigration/resident/citizenship permit to the agents/government/departments/
representatives/associates on the basis of the phases duly instructed in the contract
of engagement, offered separately between both groups/parties and only for the
phases for which fee has been given to M Global.
We have no control, whatsoever, over an adverse modification to the existing selection
criterion/investment as here on this site which takes place on accepting the
COE/Quotation but there is a change in the selecting criterion/investment.
Each and every appropriate government/private/skills evaluation agency, for all
stages, may undergo a change at the sole decision of the government bodies even as
M Global lacks any control, whatsoever over such a declaration. The client/prospect
shall settle the charges as appropriate and sought from the immigration process to a
variety of government/consultants/agents and associated groups. In a situation

wherein the prospect/client has made the payment, M Global does not offer and has
not offered any sort of assurance that the petition/application shall materialize in the
prospect/client’s favour.

The prospect/client shall loyally reveal before M Global, each and every detail
involving each and every case, existing or past, cases of wrong doings and/or
conviction, insolvency, court cases levelled against the clients and those who are
dependent on him/her. If such details are not revealed and if the same is found
afterwards, no refunds at all of the money given to M Global or its associates/agents,
in question will be made/can be made.
The client must offer, inside 30 days, each and every paper, forms and facts that will
make it possible for M Global, to present the petition/request/change/upgrade and
downgrade of status. The clients inability to do the same will only suggest that no
reimbursement of the advisory/consulting fee offered to M Global is outstanding.
Client will notify M Global in writing, of each and every communication received from
the government/agency/agent/associate-in writing or via phone-inside a week of the
receiving of such a message. Besides client shall notify M Global of each and every
communication sent to the government/agency/agent/associate-in writing or via
phone-inside a week of sending of such a message. This also comprises visits
made/visits by the visa office/government office/department/representative and/or
inquiry made/received or via phone. The client’s inability to do the same, will only
suggest no money back.
The client will participate in each and every interview, as and when needed by the
concerned government department/ representative/visa agency, at the place/time
mentioned and at their own cost and swiftly follow each and every order, as given by
the visa agency/govt. agency/representative. The client’s inability to do the same, will
only suggest that no refund whatsoever is outstanding of any advisory/consultant
charge offered to M Global.
The client will show the possession of the required liquid funds/assets/income criterion
prior to the issuance of the permit/ application or at any given time period during the
processing of the application/file, in agreement with the requirement for the
application/permit/visa/tax domicile. The client’s inability to do the same, will only
show, that no refund whatsoever, is outstanding given to M Global.
The client, will settle all charges, which could be owned to a variety of
government/government and private bodies/organizations/ agents/associates. The
given charges are strictly non-returnable and not adjustable by either any of the
receiving offices/agents/ associates/consultancies/etc., notwithstanding the final
conclusion on the visa/permit/residency/citizenship petition. A favourable appraisal or
conclusion is the sole prerogative of the involved organization/ agency/company/
individual even as M Global exercises no control at all over the final outcomes at any
phase. M Global has given no assurance, at any time, whatsoever, of a favourable
appraisal or end result to the client for any phase.
The client will inform M Global about every news involving a change of housing/mailing
address, educational, specialized credentials, change of matrimonial position/service

or company, newly born/adopted kids or any police/unlawful case after the submission
of the petition/application/status change and while the processing is going on till the
time of the discharge of Permanent/Temporary Resident Permit/ Residency/
Citizenship/Status change. The client’s or all the applicant/s inability to do so will only
show that no refund at all is outstanding of any charges given to M Global.
The client clearly accepts that he has been apprised of the usual waiting
duration/average processing time, as appropriate and further that such waiting
durations/processing times solely depends on the convenience of the processing
office/body. The client also fully agrees and realizes that he will never have any claims
whatsoever, of any sort of refund of the charges made on or off-site on the ground of
the extended processing time periods/or refusals/denials.
M Global has not and never offered any assurance, advice or pledge on work
assistance or job assurance, following an approval for permit/visa/citizenship and after
landing in any given country. No compensation will be claimed of any advisory charges
offered to M Global by the client on the ground that M Global has been unable to offer
a job guarantee abroad.
In a situation wherein a clash/dispute in the matter of the payment made by client to
M Global towards the COE, with M Global, the responsibility of M Global, in case it
arises and is outstanding, either monetary or otherwise shall not surpass and will be
restricted to the charges offered to M Global as advisor/consulting charges as part of the COE

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